Canvas Challenge

Canvas Challenge

Welcome to the Canvas Challenge!

Training Agenda:

Canvas Overview

Notification Settings

Canvas Commons

Differentiated Assignments

Canvas Community and Guides


Check out the Canvas Roadmap:

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Canvas Rollout, Training, and Adoption Strategies

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Each challenge in this course will introduce you to ideas for using Canvas and how you can use the tools it provides to deliver content to your students in increasingly engaging ways. As you learn about the features of Canvas, look for images like the one below for ideas about stretching your level of Canvas use to create a more engaging blended learning environment. Each of the levels outline how to use Canvas to substitute, augment, and transform learning activities using Canvas.

Based on the SAMR Model, each of these levels are optional and are meant to give you ideas rather than a blueprint for how to teach your class. The application of these ideas will depend on your own teaching style, your students' needs, and the availability of resources in your school or classroom.

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The Getting Started Module will help you become familiar with Canvas. You will learn how to navigate Canvas, update your notification settings, search the guides and the Canvas Community for help, submit assignments, and more. If you are already familiar with these features, you can jump to the Canvas Challenge Module or click the button below to get started.

Course Summary:

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